Board Members

Our Board Members

Castor Fernandez

Castor is an artist (painter and sculptor) recognised in Montreal and now also in Vancouver. Apart from his artistic projects, he also works in administration and as a teacher. Castor was born in Bordeaux, France, spent his childhood in Galicia, Spain, and has also lived many years in Canada. He speaks five languages and has two children.

Onelis Estevez

Originally from Cuba, Onelis received a degree in Business Administration from the University of Miami. She currently works as a Montessori teacher in Vancouver. She is passionate about preserving the Spanish language, providing opportunities for her daughter to reflect on her own heritage, and understand and appreciate her parents’ culture. Her love of promoting the Spanish language and her desire to have her daughter speaking Spanish led Onelis to enroll her daughter at PSLA.

Cameika Cabrera

Cameika is originally from Jamaica and was launched into Latin-American culture after meeting her Argentine husband in Miami. They have 3 boys together, two of which are in the PSLA school; her toddler won’t be too far behind! She learned basic Spanish to communicate with her husband’s family and has a strong desire for her children to be fluent so they can communicate with their “other half” and appreciate their own heritage. Cameika is a Chartered Professional Accountant with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and over 20 years of experience in retail and construction. When she’s not working, she enjoys hot yoga, spending time with family, and exploring different cultures, especially the food

Carmen Forsberg

With a background in advertising, as Producer for many high profile commercial productions, Carmen moved to Vancouver from her native country Peru. She currently bridges international productions while working full time in finance. She enjoys biking, snowboarding and yoga, has two very energetic kids and believes there is nothing more important than nurturing languages. Her daughter is a student at PSLA.

Myriam Lazo
Member at large

Myriam is passionate for Languages, Art, Culture and Education. She moved to Canada from Mexico more than 15 years ago and in her efforts to preserve and promote her native language at home and in her community, she now joins the board of PSLA. Myriam is a Certified Customs and Trade Compliance Specialist with expertise in the release of goods imported into Canada. Her children have attended “Spanish School” at PSLA since September 2021.